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Welcome to the homepage of the Knight family, a #buildnewcrest Legacy Challenge. I used to be an avid user on the Sims 3 Forum years ago, now I am back and switching to the Sims 4. Looking for spin-off of the original Legacy Challenge I came across the #buildnewcrest Legacy Challenge created by Simply Vanilla Sims. As I love to build and play, this challenge caught my interest. I will be following the traditional rules of this challenge and adding a small storyline for the benefit of giving the founder a purpose.

This challenge will start off with Sadie Knight, a good perfectionist that loves the outdoors who strives in life to become a Freelance Botanist. She’s recently found herself in Newcrest, part of a science experiment  created by the government to recreate cities encase of the prophesied apocalypse to happen in the near future. Sadie has a small chip installed in her brain that allows the scientists or as Sadie calls the voices ‘commander’ to speak with her. Follow allow on her journey of rebuilding Newcrest.